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3D example by Andrew Harvey
30 Jun 1998 (catalog date)
385,953 bytes
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Good looking texturemapped 3d engine, but unfortunately there is no documentation included. Assembler

Triscan by Andrew Harvey
19 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
11,472 bytes
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Some triangle fillers. Doesn't assemble as is. Uses lots of assembler macros, which is good for style and helps portability, but kills readability for people not familiar with the code.

Reduce by Andrew Harvey
12 Aug 1997 (catalog date)
32,295 bytes
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Reduces the number of colors used by any number of PCX files to some number. Generates a glenz and shading table for you.

Thread v1.0 by Andrew Harvey
17 Dec 1997 (catalog date)
422,754 bytes
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Vector program for Win95