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AWE-DIP-01-ENG by Creative Labs engineers
10 Jan 1997 (catalog date)
708,753 bytes
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Examples and API for using the AWE32 - And people wonder why there's not much SB support. The information in the packet is contorted. I could go on this for days. Comments like /* main - here's where the fun begins */ are misleading. The fun actually began several hundred lines ago (starting at line 134). It's late. I'm not exactly bored, but this bit of code is frustrating. I wonder why CL even bothered. There are no technical docs of any sort and the code that is here *REEKS* of bad style. For extra frustration, I unzipped the file which had a self extracting .exe in it, which gave me 4 zips which when each extracted with the -d option finally gives me the SDK. Kneebiter - at 1:30 in the morning. Need more tea...