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Fake demo source by Pelusa
10 Jan 1997 (catalog date)
335,424 bytes
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Sources for a demo with a sinus waver, wormhole, rotating landscape, fire, scrollie, shadebobs, lens, mandelbrot set zoomer - Comments for proceedures, many parts, lots to look over. Clean code too. (old cheesy necros music. :)

Chaotic Fractal Screensaver by Magister of Phazix
24 Apr 1998 (catalog date)
16,607 bytes
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A screensaver of sorts (plain DOS only, no Windows 95) that zooms into the Mandelbrot set and animates the Julia set. Source code included. Also includes a text file that explains fractals and how to generate them. Text, assembler, protected-mode.

Mandelbrot zoomer by Borislav Deianov
18 Jul 1996 (catalog date)
397,282 bytes
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