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Universal Module Player 32 V0.39a by Terry Chatmanby none
Catalogged: 15 Jun 1998
Size: 95,572
Download: web ftp scene.org
Rating: A pretty damn good module player with no quirks. Easy to setup & use. Supports loading of multiple modules, MOD/S3M/XM, Sound Blaster Series, Pro Audio Spectrum Series, & Microsoft Sound System sound cards and compatibles. Download this today

Universal Module Player V5.99 Rev. D by Terry Chatman aka voidby i.TECH
Catalogged: 11 Jul 1997
Size: 100,166
Download: web ftp scene.org
Rating: Some consider this THE module player. Supports XM, S3M, MOD, STM, 669, MTM, SB, SBPro, SB16, PAS, PAS plus, PAS16, GUS. Has very nice graphical views and TONS of new features. DOS although works under Win95.