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Judas Sound System V2.06y by Yehar, Cadaver
07 Jun 1998 (catalog date)
438,873 bytes
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Judas v2.06y Apocalyptic Softwaremixing Soundsystem for Watcom 32bit flat mode. Supports: SB/SBPRO/SB16/GUS/WAV-writer. Modules: XM/MOD/S3M. Samples: WAV/raw. Quality mixer gives you the best sound quality you can get today, clicker free (without touching sharp percussions), mixed with 32bit precision. Cubic interpolation reproduces samples with good treble response and very low distortion. Fast mixer is the ultra-fast alternative, suitable for games and demos. A player, examples, documents and full sources are included. Judas is free to be used for any purpose. New in this version: fixes, enhanced quality mixer, distortion indicator, true volume meters, song looping settings, rewinding and forwarding, Watcom 11.0 support.