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Multipage VGA Library by Lin Ke-Fong
01 Dec 1997 (catalog date)
84,061 bytes
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VGA library by Lin Ke-Fong. Very good tweaked vga library. It automaticaly detects the vga card to offer as much functionality as possible instead of using the standard vga settings only like most libraries do.

Master Mixer v5.1
21 Jan 1997 (catalog date)
90,960 bytes
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Full range SB mixer (All functions) Undocumented controls enabled! Automatic "clicks" removal. Can save 6 different mixing configs. Can replace ALL SB drivers at BOOT. Boots your PC (DOS) in a second. Unlimited number of Special Effects. User definable Chorus/Reverb+editor. [v5.1:Fix OPL3, AWE32, PC Spk level.] Does DSP Reset, EMU Reset. Win95 Ok! Can enable/disable any function. Command-line "QuickLoading" (tm) Sets your mixer in 1/4th a second!

Automatic by dj3
17 Oct 1997 (catalog date)
366,592 bytes
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