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Tower of Damn by Warpig
05 Nov 1998 (catalog date)
114,078 bytes
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Released at event FLAG98 in the grtc division and ranked 04

A Newer Better Damna by Milkman
28 Mar 1999 (catalog date)
366,645 bytes
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Released at event MC6 in the mmul division and ranked R08

Universal Module Player 32 V0.39a by Terry Chatman of none
15 Jun 1998 (catalog date)
95,572 bytes
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A pretty damn good module player with no quirks. Easy to setup & use. Supports loading of multiple modules, MOD/S3M/XM, Sound Blaster Series, Pro Audio Spectrum Series, & Microsoft Sound System sound cards and compatibles. Download this today

Perkele Goddamn Remix by Jammax of NoID
07 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
670,569 bytes
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Well Damn by Tigerhawk of Digitalus
28 Apr 1998 (catalog date)
303,414 bytes
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Heavens Damnation by Kasumi-Chan of DreamWorks Design
16 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
596,225 bytes
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