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Office by Artman of Redline
23 Nov 1998 (catalog date)
190,780 bytes
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Released at event BIZ97 in the grtc division and ranked ??

Bill Gates with or without tits by Artman, Samsam, Cheeta, Chap
21 Apr 1998 (catalog date)
23,437 bytes
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30Min Gfx Compo on chPixel

Smoking Alien by Artman, Optic, Unreal
21 Apr 1998 (catalog date)
22,131 bytes
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30Min Gfx Compo on chPixel

Midas Player For Win '95,nt V1.0 by Bartman of Abyss
25 Apr 1997 (catalog date)
77,778 bytes
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SUMMARY: Midas'95 is a module player based on the Midas Sound System (by Sahara Surfers), it plays protracker MOD, screamtracker S3M and fasttracker2 XM modules and runs under Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51+ (4.0 compatibility assured). FEATURES: Simple but nice user interface. Test it out. It's totally free.