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Tunnel Source by bca of Karva
19 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
19,956 bytes
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A texture mapped tunnel effect. Has holes in the tunnel. No useful comments in the source. One nifty (old!) idea of taking advantage of mirrors in the lookup table. FYI - vasen=left, oikea=right, ylĄ=upper, ala=lower.

The Box by BCA of Ultrabright
26 Sep 1998 (catalog date)
5,297 bytes
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Released at event ASM98 in the in4k division and ranked 08

Bobcats Ride by Traxx
28 Mar 1999 (catalog date)
247,234 bytes
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Released at event MC6 in the mmul division and ranked XX

Caught by Bibby
18 Nov 1996 (catalog date)
224,384 bytes
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