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4k Intro by Camel, Sachy of Pulse, Skid Row
17 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
7,185 bytes
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Released at event AST97 in the in4k division and ranked 03

mmm... Sleepy by Rob of Camelot
06 May 1998 (catalog date)
172,341 bytes
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Released at event TP97 in the grfx division and ranked ??

The Camel Dance by Raymond Ting
19 Mar 1997 (catalog date)
112,793 bytes
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Camel Without Filter by Pedro of CBR
02 Feb 1998 (catalog date)
643,692 bytes
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Camel Trophy by Genox of Vantage
23 Sep 1998 (catalog date)
529,154 bytes
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Camels Of Camelot by Metal of Vibrants, fudGe
08 Aug 1998 (catalog date)
296,798 bytes
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Shape-size-cent by Camel
15 Jan 1999 (catalog date)
322,217 bytes
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Released at event GAR98 in the mmul division and ranked 23