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Micaco BBS ad source by Chc
Catalogged: 10 Jan 1997
Size: 190,207
Download: web ftp scene.org
Source for a BBS ad with an environment mapped object - It's all asm source, but you need Watcom to compile it. Comes with an extra ASC file format converter. All comments are in Spanish though there's a (shorter) Enlish readme file. Knowing Spanish is very useful for these sources as the comments are good.

Vbe 2.0 Library For Watcom by Maliceby WitchCraft
Catalogged: 30 Aug 1998
Size: 62,669
Download: web ftp scene.org
Rating: A 100% asm VESA library with 256 and Direct Color modes support. Included source code, OBJ file, Watcom header and a C example.

Elixire I by Witchcraft
Catalogged: 28 Mar 1999
Size: 648,654
Download: web ftp scene.org
Rating: Released at event MC6 in the mmul division and ranked XX