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EMS specs by Dick Flanagan
10 Jan 1997 (catalog date)
67,864 bytes
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A comprehensive doc on EMS - Has the Expanded Memory Specification details and some Pascal and Asm source for acessing EMS memory.

Sparks by Mandrixx, Will Be, Flan
04 Jun 1998 (catalog date)
1,999,035 bytes
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Juanita by Flan of Igloo, Scoopex
10 May 1998 (catalog date)
33,918 bytes
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Released at event WIR96 in the grfx division and ranked 01

LLUV by Flan of Bomb
09 Sep 1998 (catalog date)
29,008 bytes
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Released at event WIR98 in the grfx division and ranked 15

Sampled V1.24 by Neurodancer
27 May 1998 (catalog date)
405,907 bytes
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A full-featured DOS sound-editor, with lots of effects such as spectrum editing (directly edit sound spectra using loads of tools), Time Variable Filters (low/high/band-pass/stop), Am, fm, flanger, reverberation room, robotize, compressor/expander, morph, echo-killer, strange effects (String-ize, Voice Modifier, TVShifter, Robotize), all the other 'standard' wave-editing tools (delay,resample,level-control,etc...)

Head Flanger by Farmer
17 Mar 1997 (catalog date)
269,943 bytes
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Big Slice Of Flange by Silky, Caustic, Freedom of Resonance
10 Jul 1997 (catalog date)
325,236 bytes
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Fairyland by Deep Throat of Millennia
26 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
217,923 bytes
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Flanged Heaven by DLS of K2
25 Aug 1998 (catalog date)
353,201 bytes
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