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Sprite Editor by Nosferatu of TechnoCap
26 Jun 1997 (catalog date)
66,923 bytes
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This editor has no mouse support, and hardly contains any editing tools. It only supports the french language.

Nosferatu by Nephilims
02 Oct 1996 (catalog date)
1,562,633 bytes
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Released at event ENL96 in the demo division and ranked 01

Book of Shadows by Nosferatu
30 Jun 1996 (catalog date)
525,594 bytes
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Tropical Sunset by Nosferatu
23 Sep 1996 (catalog date)
243,390 bytes
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Released at event ASM94 in the mmul division

Abducted by Allodox of Nosferatu
10 Dec 1998 (catalog date)
316,451 bytes
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Released at event AMB98 in the mhse division and ranked XX

Nosferatu B by jesterhed of rapture
27 Feb 1998 (catalog date)
907,467 bytes
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