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Chaos by Consub of CSB
10 Jul 1997 (catalog date)
24,328 bytes
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Simple 4k intro. Shadebobs, fire, some random stuff. Nifty idea for using 7 segment displays for all the text.

Flat Maquina by Morbid Iadalboath of MUTANTE
02 Jul 1997 (catalog date)
6,647 bytes
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A Pascal TPU for getting flat mode memory. People really should be moving away from dealing with segmented memory. Get this if you're still using Pascal or something similar.

JYRK by Segment of Fobia Design
30 Jun 1996 (catalog date)
150,639 bytes
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Segmentation Fault by Strontium 90
04 May 1997 (catalog date)
2,811,002 bytes
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Released at event MEK97 in the demo division and ranked 02