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Amnesia Vector source by Tranby Renaissance
Catalogged: 10 Jan 1997
Size: 7,047
Download: web ftp scene.org
The sources for the temple vector part of Amnesia - Sparce comments. Tight code, but probably only understandable by those who have written atleast a simple vector system and familiar with pmode. Certainly good code, but I question its usefulness to those who read it.

1k source by Frenzyby SparC
Catalogged: 18 Mar 1997
Size: 11,052
Download: web ftp scene.org
source to a 1k intro (911 bytes). Easy to follow code, but it's ideal you understand it all in the first place. Odd use of fpu (uses lots of fi[blah] instructions... why not take advantage of extra precision?)

Text Mode FLI/FLC Player
Catalogged: 06 Oct 1996
Size: 99,695
Download: web ftp scene.org
Buggy mode set, only worked in a dos box from win '95. Had information about the text mode demo compo and was rather impressive for what it did. Otherwise, tight code for what it does, sparce, useless comments.