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3d basics by Synergist
10 Jan 1997 (catalog date)
2,745 bytes
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Some basic 3d documentation - I'd never want to tell someone that this doc is a good place to start. The person writing this has no concept of structures, which severely ease the programming of complex things such as 3d systems.

Synergistic by Mistery
30 Jun 1996 (catalog date)
70,206 bytes
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Released at event ABD96 in the in64 division and ranked 05

O-49312 by Synergist
09 Nov 1996 (catalog date)
103,875 bytes
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Released at event MC3 in the mmul division and ranked R58

Synergistic by Khyron
21 Sep 1996 (catalog date)
420,705 bytes
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Sun (Dawn Remix) by Synergist
20 Sep 1996 (catalog date)
175,433 bytes
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Fire And Forget by Synergist
11 Sep 1997 (catalog date)
483,337 bytes
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