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Nintendo by Typhoon
29 Jun 1996 (catalog date)
169,543 bytes
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Roland Juno 106 Samples #2 by Soundwave
11 Oct 1997 (catalog date)
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Samples taken from the Roland Juno 106 - Analog-based synthesizer with thundering bass, Yamaha TX16W - Sampler with Typhoon OS the modulation makes synthesis possible. By popular demand, the Juno pack is back! And this time, we've got a lot of resonance for all of you techno guys out there. (: We've got a couple of samples of resonant acid-like bass, plus a lot of other goodies with booms, distortion, LFOs, etc. There are 25 additional Juno sounds here, recorded at 44.1kHz, 16 bit on a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 with the sample point at C3 unless otherwise noted. Sorry, no loop points or envelopes are provided. Be sure to check out the Typhoon TR-808-like kit as well.

Springar by Typhoon
16 Sep 1996 (catalog date)
85,594 bytes
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Released at event TG95