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Trapp by Cyc, Casacade, scc, K2
25 Nov 1998 (catalog date)
354,584 bytes
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Released at event DH97 in the grtc division and ranked 03

Amp For Windows V1.22 by Grinus of casa
19 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
124,292 bytes
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Module player for SB AWE32/64 cards. IT/XM/S3M/MOD/MTM/PTM modules supported. The best possible sound quality. A minimal processor and memory usage. Internal file selector and playlist editor. Optimized for running in background. NEWS: enhanced IT support, a faster loader, fixes. Requirements: 386+, Windows 3.1+, SB AWE32+

Casanovaliens by Kaiowa, Antastal of Sorrox, Freelance
30 Dec 1998 (catalog date)
342,770 bytes
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Released at event DST97 in the mfst division and ranked 06

Los Tacos Son De Mi Casa by Paladin
22 Sep 1996 (catalog date)
37,701 bytes
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