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An "MC5 entry" is an IT/MOD/S3M/XM music module with pattern and uncompressed sample data, playable in Cubic Player v1.7, Fast Tracker v2.06, or Impulse Tracker v2.12. The only text allowed in an MC5 entry is "Song Title." This contest is anonymous; no one will know who entered which song until the contest is over. Your name or handle may not appear anywhere.

You must register to enter MC5. You may do this one of two ways. If you have access to a web browser, fill out the online form below. If you have email but no web access, complete the application mc5enter.txt (included in You must have a valid email address to enter Music Contest 5. Only one entry per email address is allowed.

Verification for web registrations will be done instantly. Verification for email registrations will typically take less than 3 days. This verification will also include information on how to upload your entry.

The final results will list all author/song associations.

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