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Foreword by Necros
Intro by Snowman

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An "MC5 judge" is responsible for listening to and assigning scores to MC5 entries using Cubic Player v1.7, Fast Tracker v2.06, or Impulse Tracker v2.12.

You must register to judge in MC5 on this page. A valid email address and regular access to the web is required.

Your application will be verified instantly, and you will be sent a confrimation email. This email will also include information on how to vote.

Voting is done in two rounds.

The first round selects the top 20 veteran, 15 intermediate, and 10 rookie songs. Only one category is voted on: overall quality.

The second round ranks the songs which advanced from the first round. Five categories will be judged: originality, form, technical, samples, and overall quality. Overall quality will count three times as much as the other categories.

A core group of experienced judges will also vote in the second round. These scene veterans will have three times the normal voting strength to help balance out lesser-experienced judges' votes. They will also resolve ties. Core judges will not vote on their own MC5 entry. These judges are selected by the MC5 organizers.

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