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Music Contest 5
Foreword by Necros
Intro by Snowman

Contest Rules

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1. Must play in Cubic Player v1.7 for MOD/S3M, Fast Tracker v2.06 for XM, or Impulse Tracker v2.12 for IT
2. Must be original (no remixes or remakes of other songs, including your own)
3. The only text allowed in the song file is your verified song title
We will not disqualify entries in MC5 that included sample filenames, as long as those names don't give away who the author is. The sample names, as opposed to the sample text, are an artifact of the tracker, not an active addition made by the person tracking. In MC6, we will explicitly require that sample filenames be removed.
4. Uncompressed entry size must not exceed 1,000,000 bytes
5. Song may not exceed 4 minutes in playing time
We didn't clearly define this at the outset of the contest, so we altered this rule slightly. The 4 minute rule applies to when the last note was triggered, not necessarily when the last note stops playing. A song will not be disqualified unless it actually hits 4:01 (i.e. a song with the last note triggered at 4:00.99 would still be allowed). Three songs so far have been saved from disqualification because of this.
6. To be properly entered, your song must follow the specifications provided in your entry verification
7. Entry must be uploaded and verified before 15 Jul 1997, 00:00 GMT
8. Only one song may be entered per person
9. Entry may not be publicly released until final results are posted
10. Your entry may be submitted only once. We will not update entries.

Changes to rules or deadlines of the contest (posted in the MC5 newsletter) become the responsibility of all participants. Failure to observe such changes is not the burden of the MC5 organizers.

Reasons For Disqualification
1. The entry or author violates any of the rules above
2. The author's name or handle appears anywhere in the song file
3. An entrant votes on his/her own song
4. The song is ripped

If you are disqualified you can not re-enter.

The organizers of MC5 reserve the right to disqualify a song due to unforeseen circumstances.