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Music Contest 4 (1996)

VET. 1st Pools Of Poison by Wave XM MP3 ZIP
VET. 2nd Tangerine Fascination by Necros IT MP3 ZIP
VET. 3rd Universe Electric by Siren IT MP3 ZIP
VET. 4th Tienimi Vicino by Dustbin XM MP3 ZIP
VET. 5th Final Equinox by Floss IT ZIP
VET. 6th Ejector by Zodiak XM MP3 ZIP
VET. 7th Disfunctional Tendencies by Yannis IT MP3 ZIP
VET. 8th Over The Seas by Rage XM MP3 ZIP
VET. 9th Surrender by Hunz XM MP3 ZIP
VET. 10th Mankind Roots by SoundMaster XM MP3 ZIP
ROK. 1st Southern Aurora 1996 by Cosmic Eclipse XM MP3 ZIP
ROK. 2nd Jaunt by Wolfsong XM MP3 ZIP

Music Contest 3 (1995)

VET. 1st E-94956 by Jase XM MP3 ZIP
VET. 2nd E-29812 by Necros S3M MP3 ZIP
VET. 3rd E-98842 by Nemesis S3M MP3 ZIP
ROK. 1st O-95444 by Mayhem S3M MP3 ZIP

Music Contest 2 (1994)

VET. 1nd Distant Voyage by Markell Moss S3M ZIP
VET. 2nd Guardian of Souls by Krystall S3M MP3 ZIP
VET. 3rd Estranged by Khyron MOD MP3 ZIP
VET. 4th Maximum Overload by Synth Dream PC MOD MP3 ZIP
ROK. 1st Adrenalin by tR/\Sh (now Jase) S3M MP3 ZIP

Music Contest 1 (1993)

ALL. 1st Symphony #1 by Krystall FAR ZIP
ALL. 2nd A Journey Into Sound by Kueppenshreck FAR ZIP
ALL. 3rd Refused Again by Lloyd Yoon MTM MP3 ZIP