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Music Contest is one of the Scene's largest net events.

Last year, there were 302 valid entries to MC5. Songs were submitted from 38 countries: at least one from every continent in the world (with the exception of Antarctica. It seems the tracking scene there is quite secretive). We can only predict an even higher number for this year's contest.

As a judge for such a massive event, you hold equally massive power. You, along with your peers, are the real force behind the Music Competition. You give direction to the Scene for the coming year. You decide what "pushing the envelope" means. For the next year, everyone in the scene will be watching the artists that you decide are the best of the best.

So what does it take to be an MC Judge?

Music Contest judges do not need to be approved. Anyone is welcome to vote. However, there are a few things that we do require from our judges. The most important is commitment. You should also have some experience tracking, or at least listening to a lot of tracked music. You should be able to write basic english, and you should be willing to take the time to put some real effort into your reviews.

Being an MC Judge also requires a certain minimum quality of harware. You should have about 40 megs of free space on your drive for reviewing songs. Your computer must be fast enough to play a 32 channel song at a reasonable samplerate (22kHz is a good minimum for 32 channel modules). Finally, you must have a 16-bit, stereo soundcard. Note that this excludes the vanilla SoundBlaster, the SB-Pro, and older Pro Audio Spectrum cards.

In return, judging for MC6 will give you the opportunity to help shape the future of the music scene. You might even learn a thing or two about tracking, too.

So where do you sign up?

First, follow the links under "Judging" at the left of this document. They'll give you all of the details you need to be an effective MC6 Judge. When you've worked your way to the end of these documents (it should take you 10 to 15 minutes), you'll have the opportunity to sign up.

And thank you for your interest in judging. It's judges like you that have made Music Contest such an important part of the Scene.

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